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REBRAND vs REFRESH - which do you need?

You’ve been hearing me talk about my own brand refresh over on Instagram and might be thinking “What’s that?”

Is rebrand and refresh interchangeable?

There are a lot of similarities, and at times people use the interchangeably, but they’re different processes.

A refresh is a reimagining of a brand’s look and feel. This could be updating colors, altering the logo and tagline… refreshes are basically anything cosmetic. In a brand refresh, the core components stay the same. Elements like core values, brand essence, goals, brand personality and so on, stay the same.

A rebrand is a reevaluation of a brand’s fundamental attributes, such as its position in the market, target audience, mission, and services. It’s restructuring the brand. This can sometimes even involve changing the name.

Ex. remember the rebrand for Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin?

Rebranding is a good idea when a company has evolved, especially if it needs to shed its past.

For myself, the fundamentals of my business haven’t changed. I was able to articulate more clearly what my brand is about, along with my core values and brand personality, but the essence of my brand didn’t change. Even my aesthetics didn’t change much.

So now you might be wondering, what was it even?

Refreshes bring a lot of clarity. As I mentioned, my foundation didn’t change but as I’ve grown and reflected over the last few months, I’ve really gotten clear on what I’m about, who I want to work with, the vibe I am about and where I’m going.

When you start, it’s okay to not have a clear idea of where you want things to go. In fact, most of the time that will change anyways, even if you do begin with a clear start. As you grow and evolve, so will your business and you’ll get crystal clear on the direction you want to go.

So that’s what my brand refresh is about. My vibe and foundation haven't changed... it’s now being amplified. I’m bringing in more of my personality, my different expertises and interests. I’m going to be taking you BTS of my brand refresh over the next few weeks, sharing how I worked w other experts and the thought process behind it!

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