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What makes a mood board functional is thoughtful editing & meaningful juxtaposition that tells a good story, conveys a clear message, & elicits strong feelings.

Creating my mood board is the first thing I did for my brand refresh! (& what I have all of my clients do first)

There's a part 1 & part 2 of a mood board.

Part 1: pin anything you find on Pinterest

Part 2: narrow down the images that match your brand essence & core values

I'll be sharing more of a BTS look of how I went through my own brand refresh - breaking down what my core values,

brand essence, & content pillars are... and how they match my visual branding.

A quick breakdown of my mood board - these are my main colors:

🌴It has an oasis-feel: represents my brand vibe of living every day like a vaca!

✨The champagne, gold & glitter: represents luxe, boujee, glam... living every day fancy & creating a luxury experience for my clients.

🖤🐆The dark, contrasted images & leopard print represent edgy, juxtaposition... thinking differently & being innovative

I splash these colors in here & there:

🌊 blues represent a sense of calm, zen, trusting energy

🍊🥂citrus colors represent fun & optimism

It’s okay to have seasons in your brand, in fact, it makes your brand more interesting! As you evolve or during certain seasons of your life, your brand will & should represent that. We'll be talking more in depth about your brand's 'visual seasons' in the coming weeks...

There are times I have more blues (ocean / sky shades) in my feed... times I am more neutral... times I have more citrus colors...


You’re allowed to have different styles & moods, the key is to show the same overall vibe. There are branded elements that you stick with.

I always say different mood, same vibe.

Branding is EASY & you CAN show multiple aspects to your personality! ✨

Have you created a mood board?

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