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Do you feel like you have multiple sides to your personality or multiple things you want to do and you're not quite sure how to tie them all together?

I help entrepreneurs that have a lot going on make sense of everything and get each brand cohesive… then EXPAND!

It’s the nature of entrepreneurship to have many things going on. We have multiple business ideas or brands that we’ve actually built or are wanting to... We have multiple aspects to our personalities… we wear multiple different hats… the point being, we do many things!

What I hear all the time is that they don’t know how to be cohesive w their brand. They have a personal brand that they’ve heard they need to focus on one thing but have many other things they want to do… so they’re stuck.

You’re also taught you’re only allowed to do or be ONE thing... I feel like that’s a very corrosive idea - and completely false!!

Same goes for feeling like they have a couple alter egos… how do all of these things make sense for one brand?

Sound familiar....?!?

This is where I come in. Aside from branding as a whole, helping entrepreneurs with multiple things is my area of expertise.

You first need to figure out what type of “house” you are as a brand:

✖️Branded House

✖️House of Brands

A branded house is like Apple. You have many different products (subbrands) but they feed back into the parent brand.

A House of Brands is like Proctor & Gamble. They have many different brands but you wouldn’t know that they’re all owned by the same parent company.

Knowing this dictates how you need to tie everything together.

If you resonate with any of this, watch this video as it will help you figure out how to tie everything together… comment below the multiple things you do then go watch the video!

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