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Brand photography isn’t just a photographer taking photos of you for your brand… it’s about being intentional and creative about what your POV/message is.

Social media was built on vanity metrics but as we start to see that disappear, (i.e IG getting rid of likes) creative, quality content is QUEEN!

If all of your content is geared towards pushing a sale, you’re not getting it.

✖️What does your brand stand for?

✖️What’s your POV?

✖️What story are you telling?

Figure out these foundational elements (brand essence & core values) and showcase that through creative imagery.

This is why it’s important to find a photographer that fully understands branding and work with them long term to create innovative, quality content.

I feel that it's important to work with the same photographer. Not only is it efficient but it takes time to really get to know each other: for the photographer to understand your brand, the angles you like, the type of photos you don’t like, what matters to you, what story you’re trying to tell… and so on.

I've talked about this in length in these two IGTVs - click to watch them!

✖️Working with the same photographer

✖️My interview with my photographer for a BTS look of my brand refresh

Your content shouldn’t just be a photo of you w the same filter slapped on it. Your content should be interesting and draw people in. You definitely don’t want people glazing over your profile because each photo looks the same… just you in a different pose.

So what message are you trying to convey? You might even need different editing techniques for each shoot. The trick is to have consistent elements within the shoots so everything feels like you!


Not every single photo has to represent each aspect (or personality) of your brand. You have many different aspects to your personality, some even conflicting, so do a brand shoot to represent each side of you!

Do you have a difficult time figuring out how to portray all of YOU within your brand?

Does it keep you from posting content bc you’re not sure what to do?

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